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New URL/New Site


Hi everyone!

I would like everyone here to know that I have moved to a new site and a new look.

Please feel free to visit the new website:


Moving once more


Hey y’all!!!

I am moving once again but to my new domain:

Please go there to see my updates and new design.


My Christmas Wishlist


Oh how time so fast that you can’t catch it and your just left hanging on the edge, ready to fall anytime. (I don’t know if that makes sense but please bear with me since this week has been frantic since we are chasing time to pass everything this week as next week would be the finals then vacation!!!) With Christmas coming in just at least 12 days (WAAAAAA!!!! :|), everyone is rushing to malls and bazaars where all is in frenzy and everyone is listing their wishlists so why not jump the bandwagon and curate this list of thing that I really really would love to have. So here goes: (please don’t judge as these are just what I wish I would receive this Christmas)

  1. Cardigans and Sweaters
  2. Nordic zip cardigan - Gap

    Nordic zip cardigan - Gap

    Navy Hoody Duffle Cardigan - Topman

    Navy Hoody Duffle Cardigan - Topman

    Who doesn’t want a cute and stylish sweater and cardigan during the Christmas or during times when the weather of our country is rainy or cold at least?

  3. Bag
  4. ASOS Double Buckle Retro Satchel

    ASOS Double Buckle Retro Satchel Mustard/Burgundy

    Satchels are just a classic. These bags are classic but with a retro feel and a splash of color. I am torn between these two colors but I am mostly attracted to the mustard colored satchel just cause of the pop of color that it provides.

  5. Shoes
  6. Spinnaker Navy/Red/White

    Spinnaker Navy/Red/White

    Another classic which could easily be mixed with about anything. I know I’m biting the trend but it’s pretty good you know. I also would like beige loafers if there is. 🙂

  7. Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  8. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    I just love love all the songs from this album! Kanye maybe a douchebag but he creates damn good music.

  9. iPad or iPod Touch
  10. iPad


    iPod Touch

    iPod Touch

  11. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 Black/White
  12. DMC-GF1 White

    Lumix DMC-GF1 White

    I would really want a new camera! Not just my crappy though still usable digital camera. The reason I want the GF1 is because it is like a DSLR but more compact and I can put it in my bag and can pretty much carry it anywhere. The GF1 can also interchange lenses.

  13. Trip to anywhere in the world with unlimited shopping allowance!!! (YEAH RIGHT!!!)
  14. Lose at least a quarter of my weight(PLEASE!!! I NEED CONTROL!!! UGH!!!)

Oh well, papel. This is the only thing that I want at the moment and this is not permanent. Hahaha.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! May your days be filled with joy and peace and many many food on your tables!!! Hahahaha!!! 😀

Toast to the Douchebags


Kanye West just debut his new “masterpiece” – the 34 minute long short film for his single Runaway (feat. Pusha T). Kanye recently held an exclusive screening at Paris and at the BAFTA on October 5 and October 6 respectively.

The video features ballerinas, Nicki Minaj’s British accent, and boobilicious Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks as the Phoenix. One of the things that particularly love in the film is the amazing cinematography and the fashions by designer Phillip Lim and costume designer Martin Izquierdo.

Watch it here.

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011


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Philippine Fashion Week is coming and its going to be big! I haven’t even planned some clothes for this event so whatever na lang!!! hahaha

See you there 🙂

PFW Show Sched

Love Lanvin; Love H&M


It was confirmed a couple of weeks ago that Lanvin will collaborate with H&M on their collections of womenswear and menswear hitting stores worldwide November 23. Who is excited??? What do you think would be the price ranged of the clothes??? Regardless of the prices of the clothes, it is still a bargained since the prices of this collection would be relatively lower than those of the original so I would probably still buy a piece if only H&M would put up store in the Philippines and would have unlimited funds.

Anyways, new images of the clothes from the collection has surfaced and I have to say that they do look a lot like past collections from Lanvin.

Lanvin for H&M

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Gleeks go Wild


Glee has been huge, so huge that they already surpassed the Beatles on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts for the most chart entries with 75 and 71 for the former. With there cheesy renditions of beloved classics and adored contemporary hits, like (You’re) Having My Baby and Poker Face, who would not get hooked with this campy and crazy show about a misfit group of students who form a glee club to express their innermost feelings through song.

There next episode next week would be a Halloween special by paying tribute to the iconic cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Judging by the previews it seems underwhelming specially since neither Puck nor Kurt will perform the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter but the lovely Mercedes who gives her own spin to the song “Sweet Transvestite,” popularized by the gender bending Tim Curry. The iconic song “Time Warp”, (lead by Riff Raff, Columbia, and Magenta, played by Kurt, Quinn, and Britanny/Tina respectively) also underwhelmed due to Dianna Agron’s Columbia but slowly grows unto me though in no compare to the original.

Time Warp by Glee Cast

Time Warp by Rocky Horror Picture Cast

Recently, Glee (specifically Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, and Cory Monteith) is gone under fire for their racy photoshoot shot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson in GQ for the November issue of the magazine. The Parents Television Council called them out by saying that the shoot was “borderline paedophilia”, well considering their ages (Dianna and Lea is 24 while Cory is 28), I beg to digress since PTC always is paranoid and has to make noise to get attention which is sad for them, really.

Well… what do you think??? Is it “borderline paedophilia”??? Or are the PTC overreacting???

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